How to choose Lunch Box?

When choosing a bento box, you have to choose from several points: material, seal, function, and weight. Let me start with the material and analyze the advantages and disadvantages of each bento box.
Bento boxes are made ofwood, glass, plastic, metal, silicone, ceramic, enamel, etc.
Wooden:Generally speaking, the wooden bento box is hand-polished with large lacquer, and the appearance is very beautiful. It is really beautiful when it is equipped with delicious meals and a small fresh table cloth. However, this is not easy to clean, can not be sterilized at high temperature, boiling water steaming and soaking, cleaning carefully. Ovens, microwaves, dishwashers, and disinfection cabinets are not allowed. suitable.
Glass:In fact, this is also a fresh-keeping box, usually composed of heat-resistant glass and a plastic cover. There are many models, the choice is large (1000ml, 800ml, 500ml, 300ml 150ml, etc.), the function is very powerful, can be used as a storage box in the refrigerator, can be directly placed in the microwave steamer to heat. And because the material is transparent, the swing is also very beautiful. But heavier, soft girl may not be suitable.
Advantages:It can be put into a microwave oven and steamer oven, it is easy to clean, has good sealing, many models, and it looks good.
Disadvantages:heavy, not insulated
Plastic:Plastic is a relatively common material for bento boxes, because it can be said to achieve the advantages of other materials in one: light, easy to clean, microwaveable, relatively well sealed, and a variety of styles.
Metal:Metals are generally made of stainless steel and aluminum, the advantages and disadvantages are basically the same:
Advantages:easy to clean, good sealing, many models, optional capacity
Disadvantages:can not microwave
Silicone:Silicone is an emerging material for lunch boxes. The biggest selling point is its ultra-light foldability and easy portability. Advantages: ultra-light foldable, easy to carry, fresh-keeping, sealed, multi-model capacity optional
Ceramics:Ceramics are similar to bento boxes made of glass. The advantages and disadvantages are similar.
Enamel:This is rarely used by people nowadays. It is almost the material of our grandpa's cups. Now it may be used in more pots.
Advantages:easy to clean, good looking, good sealing

Disadvantages:can't place it in microwave

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