Introduction of Hanger

Introduction of hanger
Hangers are an indispensable necessity of daily life in modern life, especially plastic hangers.
Basically, every household will use it to hang clothes.
Classification: Hangers can be divided into five categories according to the types commonly used in the market at present, including plastic hangers, solid wood hangers, stainless steel hangers, aluminum alloy hangers, and plastic-impregnated clothes supports.
Function: It is used to hang clothes, or to hang and dry outdoors, or to hang and dry indoors. The clothes are generally hung on the hooks by the neck.
Material: PP, PS, KR, ABS are the most common raw materials for plastic hangers.
Classification of plastic hangers: The shape of plastic hangers is mainly divided into two categories. One is a flat and long frame, and a relatively narrow cross-section of the shoulder, and the slope of the frame is small. Dry light clothing.The other type is just the opposite of the former, with a wider and shorter frame. The slope of the two shoulder frames is larger and the width is thicker, the shape is thick and thick, and it is suitable for hanging heavy clothes.
Hanger molding process: preparation before molding, feeding, plasticizing, mold filling, holding pressure, backflow, cooling, demolding.
The basic characteristics of plastic hangers
Advantages: cheap, wet and dry, durable, colorful, and durable.
Disadvantages: easy to aging and easy to break.
The basic maintenance of hangers

1. Try to avoid putting the hanger on overweight clothes. Even the most powerful camel will be overwhelmed by the last straw, so will the hanger.Each hanger has its own maximum load-bearing capacity. When the weight of the clothes that the hanger bears exceeds its own load-bearing

capacity, the hanger will deform and even break.

2. Try to avoid abrasion of the skin of the hanger. The wear of the hanger skin will destroy the aesthetics of the hanger first, and the rust of the hanger second. This problem is most common for plastic-impregnated hangers because the inside of the plastic-impregnated hanger is a wire and the outside is plastic. When the skin is worn, the inner wire will directly contact with the outside air, and it is easy to rust.
3. Try not to expose the hanger to sunlight. Seeing this, I believe many friends will laugh at it.
The hanger is used to dry clothes. Exposure is inevitable. However, the life expectancy of hangers with excellent materials will be greatly shortened after exposure to the sun.In this case, there are mostly friends who do outdoor drying, so we recommend taking the clothes back to a cool place as soon as possible when the clothes are dry and dry if possible.

4. Try to avoid contacting the hanger with moisture.The infiltration of water will greatly increase the probability of rusting of the hanger,especially when the skin of the hanger is worn and the hanger is exposed to cracking. Therefore, we recommend not to put the clothes hanger in the sun when the clothes are not normally hung, and try to put them in a cool place.

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