• Furniture hardware accessories colorfulvalley

    Furniture hardware accessories (colorfulvalley) generally refer to the hardware components that need to be used in furniture production and furniture use. Metal parts with functions such as sofa legs, lifters, backrests, springs, nails, foot codes, connections, activities, fastenings, decorations, e...

  • Furniture hardware accessories and international cross-border e-commerce platform.

    Furniture hardware accessories have become a good partner in people's lives who can replace furniture accessories by themselves. In the world's cross-border e-commerce platforms, Amazon, eBay, LAZADA, AliExpress, etc. are all best-selling products. We have become a partner of Alibaba International S...

  • Do you understand the numbers at the bottom of the plastic cup?

    Plastic cups refer to disposable containers used to hold beverages and tea. Non-degradable products are the main source of "white pollution". The largest use of disposable plastic cups is generally in beverage stores, hot and cold beverage stores, tea shops, hotels, restaurants and coffee shops, pro...

  • How to choose Lunch Box?

    When choosing a bento box, you have to choose from several points: material, seal, function, and weight. Let me start with the material and analyze the advantages and disadvantages of each bento box. Bento boxes are made ofwood, glass, plastic, metal, silicone, ceramic, enamel, etc. Wooden:Generally...

  • Several common hinges

    1. Furniture hinge According to the different installation combinations, it can be divided into direct insertion type and self-unloading type; according to the opening angle of the door panel, it is divided into 90 degrees, 100 degrees, 110 degrees, 180 degrees, 270 degrees, etc .; ) Half cover (sma...

  • Introduction of Hanger

    Introduction of hanger Hangers are an indispensable necessity of daily life in modern life, especially plastic hangers. Basically, every household will use it to hang clothes. Classification: Hangers can be divided into five categories according to the types commonly used in the market at present, i...

  •  Advantages of plastic storage box

    The original goal of plastic was to be used as an electrical insulator. Since the discovery of bakelite, it has been improved many times. Plastic greatly contributes to the development of ultra-high voltage and the progress of thin-film electronic parts. 1. The plastic storage box is generally made ...

  • How to choose storage products?

    How to choose a suitable storage box? You need to pay attention to the following : 1. Specification Before purchasing a storage box, be sure to first measure the size of the space in which the storage box is placed, including the height and width of the space, and carefully measure it to avoid the s...

  • Benefits of wheat straw product——ColorfulValley Provide OEM Services

    Straw tableware is green and environmentally friendly.It is a plant fiber environmental protection tableware.The main raw materials are wheat straw, straw, rice husk, corn stalk, reed stalk, bagasse and other natural renewable plant fibers.The raw materials of the products are natural plants. There ...

  • Market Dynamic Analysis of Pet Product

    How to grasp the development of China's pet consumer market from all aspects of the pet economic chain and adjust the pet economic investment management policy in a targeted manner. How to solve the current problems in the pet economic market and realize the world market expansion of the pet economy...

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